Holy Family Church Jerome, AZ Exterior

Holy Family Catholic Church was originally built in 1896. When the fire if 1898 burned the original structure down, the people of the town worked on rebuilding it. Construction ran from 1899 – 1900 and is the structure that stands today.

The church was once dubbed The Miner’s Church in the past, and it still holds a special place in the hearts of the mining families still in the area. It is also a location that continues to have historical importance attached to it.

Father Juan Atucha Gorostiaga “Father John”

Father John was once responsible for the old church. Before his death in 1979, Holy Family Church was one of the longest active churches in Northern Arizona. During his time at the Church, Father John worked on adding to the traditional beauty of what was once considered a poor church that thanks to the passion of the locals of the time continue to flourish.

This includes the beloved Kilgen and Sons Pipe Organ that remains in the choir loft. A similar pipe organ to this is found in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhatten. While the still functioning service bell was made by a respected bell maker who smelted the original metal to create the impressive bell that sings throughout the town.

While it is no longer considered a living Parish, Saturday mass is held at this location on the third Saturday of the month at 8:30 A.M. The monthly service is led by Father David Kelash and are streamed live online for those who cannot make the trip to the parish.